Where to Buy a Macbook on Finance

Shopping for a new laptop doesn’t have to be costly; as a matter of fact, if you are shopping for the latest Macbook, you can find several online sites offering interest free repayment options. If you have the credit, proof of income, and want to purchase the latest devices, you can choose from a few sites to do so.


PC World –
Even though its not a PC, your Macbook can be purchased from PC World. The site even offers interest free repayment for the product for up to 6 months as long as the full price is paid in full. This allows customers to repay over an extended period of time, forego interest, and buy the very best and latest electronics, which they might otherwise not be able to afford.

Apple –
You can go directly through the Apple site as well. Although you will pay the retail price here, they frequently offer interest free options, and do provide customers different repayment terms and plans based on credit. Depending on memory, and additional features or optional pieces you want to buy with your new Macbook, you can find several great financing options and terms for your new laptop here. And, of course you are backed directly by the company, so are fully covered on the purchase you make.

Laptopsdirect –
This is another site which specialises strictly in laptops, so you can trust you are going to find the latest Apple Macbook here as well. As long as the value of the purchase is £99 or higher, and you have a permanent UK address, and steady credit history, you can apply for financing with this catalogue site. They frequently offer financing and repayment options with zero interest terms, so you can repay the full price of the device over a period of months, with no down payment required when purchasing your new laptop.

Customers have several options when it comes to purchasing the new Macbook from Apple. Although financing terms and repayment terms vary for each customer, there are options available for repaying your laptop over a period of time, rather than paying the full purchase price up front. Since this is a costly appliance, not all consumers can afford the full price up front. If you are in this situation and want the latest Macbook, these are a few catalogue sites which offer repayment financing, along with reasonable interest and repayment terms for those who have a reasonable credit score and history.