Washing Machines on Finance with Interest Free Credit

With larger, high priced items, many catalogues offer interest free repayment periods. If shopping for a new washing machine on credit, you may qualify based on the value of the machine you are going to purchase. So before you buy with any online catalogues, consider some of these options so you avoid the interest and simply pay on the principle amount purchased for new appliances or other big ticket items for your home.


1. The appliance depot –
This online catalogue offers 100% interest free on washing machines and other larger appliance purchases. They offer 12 or 6 month repayment windows, depending on the value of the items purchased, for you to pay without incurring interest. Customers also receive free delivery , installation, and set up in the home, so you don’t have to worry about doing something wrong when installing your new machine. No deposit is required either when you finance for a value of £250 or higher when purchasing new appliances for your home.

2. Littlewoods –
With this vendor you can spread the payments on buy now, pay weekly or pay monthly options. Interest free periods of up to 18 months are offered on certain washing machines and larger appliances. Customers receive guarantees on their new machine, receive free installation and set up. They also offer zero interest on smaller items, with up to 20 weeks to repay, and no interest accrued if you aren’t spending as much on your new appliances.

3. Argos –
Another well known, reputable catalogue vendor with interest free financing options for its customers who are purchasing items like a new washing machine for the home. You can take advantage of buy now, and pay it off over 12 months for no interest, on items priced £250 or higher. Customers can also choose the “normal” credit option to repay; if purchases are £50 or higher in value, they can repay the full value within this time period and won’t incur any interest on the purchase. Like other catalogues, free delivery and set up are also offered when purchasing appliances for your home.

No matter what payment option you choose, you don’t have to worry about huge interest rates killing you when buying a new washing machine for your home. These are a few reputable vendors that don’t charge interest, as long as you spend a certain amount, and pay in full by the maturation date (typically up to 12 months time) for the value of the items being purchased for your home.