Pay Weekly Catalogues

Pay weekly catalogues can be a great way to purchase items. This method of payment is different than purchasing products with a debit or credit card. The main benefit of using a pay weekly plan is that it allows you to purchase items using store credit and then pay off the balance owed on a weekly basis rather than all at once. If you were to make one big payment with a credit or debit card then it could put a serious dent in your finances, but the pay weekly option spreads out your payments so it does not have as big of an impact on your funds.

A couple examples of pay weekly stores are Homebuy and PerfectHome. These shops offer pay weekly payment plans as well as the convenient ability to shop online using their websites. When you visit a pay weekly store, in person or online, you will need to set up a personal account with the shop to take advantage of the pay weekly plan. When you are setting up an account with these types of stores you will need to provide a proof of income and they may also request personal contacts, a proof of address, and a proof of identification. You will also need to pass their credit and affordability checks before you can get approved for credit. If accepted you will then receive a credit limit based on your information and it is also possible to build your credit limit through repeated successful transactions. When you purchase an item you will be set up on an affordable weekly payment plan in which you can pay the balance in person at the store, over the phone with a card, or by direct debit.

The ability to do everything online is another benefit of pay weekly catalogues. You can shop through pay weekly catalogues in the comfort and convenience of your own home. You can also shop anywhere that has internet access. When you visit a website of a pay monthly store you can set up an account and apply for a credit limit. Once you have a credit limit you can start shopping. You can browse the pay weekly catalogue, make orders, and complete payments all while connected to the internet. However, if you find yourself wanting to go out to shop you can visit a pay weekly store’s website and find the nearest location.

It is important to remember that shopping with a pay weekly catalogue is like buying something on a rent-to-own plan. It will typically cost a little bit more because you are making the payment over a longer time. But even though you are paying a little more, you are spreading the cost out over many weeks so that the payment for your items does not affect you as greatly. Also, if you find yourself wanting to, you can pay off the remainder of your balance at any time.