Pay Monthly Catalogues

Pay monthly catalogues can be a simple and smart way of purchasing goods. This method of payment is an alternative to buying products with a credit or debit card. When you set up an account with any of these shops they will give you credit which you can use in the shop to buy products. If you are not approved for enough credit to buy what you want then you can still use a credit or debit card to buy it instead. However there is a benefit to shopping with credit for pay monthly catalogues.

The main benefit of these catalogues is that you can purchase a product with store credit and then make the payments on the product over a number of months. In this way you spread out your payments so you do not have to make one big payment all at once. This is especially beneficial when you are buying a highly priced item because your payments get spread out and you do not have to take a big hit to your finances to purchase the item.

When you buy something on credit from pay monthly stores, these shops will send you a billing statement by post once every 28 days. The billing statement includes what items have been sent to you, how much money you have already paid, the balance on the items that still needs to be paid, and the minimum payment required for the month. Purchased items do not get charged to your account until they have been shipped from the store. However, the value of these items is immediately deducted from your available credit once you have ordered them. This is to ensure that you do not exceed your credit limit.

Another benefit of pay monthly catalogues is convenience. You can shop from a pay monthly catalogue using store credit from the comfort and convenience of your own home. If you visit the website of any of these pay monthly stores you can set up a personal account with them online. This account will be used each time you shop with them and your account will also show you a history of all your transactions as well as current balances. Once you have an account set up you can browse through items and shop for goods online. After you have selected items to be purchased you can make orders and complete your monthly payments of the items while still online. Your entire shopping experience can be completed from your or own home, or anywhere with a computer and internet connection.

It is important to remember that when shopping on credit you will typically pay a little more for the item because of interest that is associated with each monthly payment. But this cost can be greatly outweighed by the fact that you do not have to spend a large sum of money all at once to get the items that you want and need.