No Credit Check Catalogues

There are many reasons to buy on credit, and especially during the winter season, when the heating bill gets higher and there is so much to buy, buying on credit allows you to get the things you need without carrying large sums of cash around, while also making your purchases more secure, allowing you to track your spending. Buying on credit also allows you to improve your credit score, something many people are set out to do, particularly after the credit crunch of 2008 stifled many people’s financial advances. As such, if you’ve recently applied for credit and been turned down, there is no cause for concern, because you are not in the minority. Chances are, you’ve been denied credit after the lender performed a credit check.

A credit check is a risk analysis determination conducted by the store, bank, or some other lender to assess your past credit history. When a credit report is conducted, information from a credit reporting agency is accessed. In this information, history of timely payments on scheduled debits is considered, so if your credit history is not glowing, you may be denied a line of credit. If you have bad credit, you may still be approved, but the lender may give a limited credit amount and you may be stuck with a high interest rate on your use of the credit.

Credit checks are conducted pretty much anytime you attempt to get financing for your purchases , many stores and catalogues require multiple credit checks to get all the details of your prior spending and repayment record. With all the emphasis on the credit scores and past credit history, it may seem impossible for someone with bad credit to be approved for store financing, but in fact, there are a few no credit check catalogues to choose from. These no credit check catalogues will usually approve you for a line of credit in just a few easy steps, enabling you to obtain credit just in time for the holiday season. It’s easy to stay on even the tightest budget with store financing, because you just need to make flexible, scheduled payments on the items purchase.

In addition, some no credit check catalogues, allow you to pick any of their numerous product categories, tell them what you can afford to pay weekly, and they’ll do the rest, telling you which products fall perfectly into your weekly budget. This is a great way to keep holiday shopping hassle free. There is no better time to take advantage of these catalogues and open a line of credit today. Without a credit check to get in the way, even those of us without great credit can open a line of credit although there is usually still some form of affordability check such as recent bank statements to make sure you are earning enough. So, keep your budget intact this holiday season, but you don’t need to sacrifice the things you need, simply apply with one of the no credit check catalogues.