Credit Catalogues are the ideal place to shop for anyone looking to spread the cost.

Credit catalogues are the perfect solution for a huge range of people from those who struggle to save, to those who have a poor credit rating. Shopping on finance from a UK catalogue means you can get the product you want, and either choose to buy now and pay nothing for a set period or pay back what you owe in monthly or weekly installments. This turns a huge lump sum payment into small manageable payments making expensive items like laptops and furniture much more affordable.

To find out more about the individual payment methods, carry on reading and find out which catalogues offer these options and how you can apply for a credit account.

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Here at CreditCatalogues we aim to bring our readers an accurate guide of the UK's catalogues which offer credit options to their customers. We do this by reviewing each catalogue and comparing them against one another. We compare their products, credit options, interest rates, interest free periods, customer service and even their delivery options.

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